Mob rule with Glastonbury coverage

What was your favourite part of Glastonbury?

Lionel? The Who? The Kanye abuse?

My best bit wasn’t anything to do with the music.

It was a Facebook post.

tweet re glasto

Leaving aside the description of my Wells-based colleagues as a rag tag mob, this warmed the cockles of my heart.

The entire reporting staff of the four titles in Mid-Somerset worked through the weekend, either on the site or from afar, coordinating coverage and writing non-festival stories.

Yes, they had a ball.

But as our Facebook fan says, they also worked their wellies off.

Along with writers from some of the other papers I work with, they kept up a running commentary of blogs, reviews and news stories from the world’s best-known music event.

And they did it with humour, insight and panache.

There were hundreds of journalists there, but I bet few worked as hard.

I’m out of touch with what goes on at the nationals these days, but I was always wound up by any suggestion that Fleet Street – or whatever it’s called these days – was where the hard work went on.

I would challenge any national reporter to cope with the demands placed on the average weekly newspaper trainee.

So thank you, Deborah Walker, whoever you are.

And well done to my rag tag Team Glasto friends.


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