How to really DO today

One of my favourite TV shows came to an end last night.

Educating the East End has been another uplifting, emotional and reassuring insight into this country’s secondary school system.

As with such documentary series, each episode starts with a package of quotes and scenes.

By the time you get to the eighth programme, this can get a tad tedious.

But there’s one clip I never grow tired of seeing.

Midway through the intro, headteacher Jenny Smith gets up from her desk, grabs her security pass, and says: “Let’s DO today.”

It’s the sort of energetic declaration of intent that I imagine is sorely needed when you’re leading an institution full of teenagers whose get up and go has got up and gone.

But, as I’ve suggested here before, there are lessons to be learned for our industry too.

There may come a point when my banging of this particular drum becomes as tedious as those opening clips.

But there is no doubt in my mind that managers and leaders need to do more to get their people’s days off to a focussed, enthusiastic and feelgood start, one which underlines team spirit and ensures heads are up rather than down.

So let’s not just do today.

Let’s DO today.


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