Why a good morning leads to a great day

Good morning.

Did you see that new ITV drama last night?

How was that film you went to see?

And what was that nonsense old whatsherface put on Facebook?

The first few minutes of the morning offer managers a golden opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the working day, to grab the clean slate offered by it and write something positive.

In some offices I’ve been in recently, people slope in and exchange a muttered ‘morning’ before getting their heads down.

That’s not to say there won’t be an element of banter and watercooler chat, but sometimes it feels that it’s happening in spite of managers rather than because of them.

Advertising teams are good at punctuating their days with meetings aimed at rallying the troops and establishing priorities for the next few hours.

I can understand that editorial leaders won’t want to copy the whistle-blowing and bell-ringing, but I do think there’s a need for those in charge of motivating teams of writers and designers to buy into the thinking behind such gatherings.

Leading a team is an act at times, and managers have to find their inner thespian to energise their people, attaching emotional jump leads to their staff at the start of each day.

Getting real, interested and caring conversation going, hand in hand with setting work priorities, creates a sense of belonging and team spirit that will pay dividends in keeping people on side.

It can be difficult when people start at different times of the day.

But I’m convinced that we squander that daily opportunity to galvanise our people at our peril.

So have a great morning – and good luck with your day.

And, thanks for asking about the pub quiz last night. We won the first round, but that arrogant lot won the other three. 




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